Cyber Secure: Cyber Security Check up for Schools

Cyber Secure is free to use and helps you to review and improve your Cyber and Information
Security in your school setting

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Building the foundations for cyber security

What is Cyber Secure?

Cyber Secure is a tool that allows schools to review and improve their cyber and information security policy and practice and self-assess their current provision. The tool is structured according to categories indicating the safety and security ‘levels’ establishments can achieve, with level 0 being the lowest and most basic, and level 5 the highest and most aspirational.

Why use it?

Cyber Secure is a powerful free tool designed by cyber and information security experts. Cyber Secure is designed to help achieve consistency in cyber security across educational establishments. It helps experts and non-experts alike in schools to review their cyber security and information policies and practice, compare these to other settings, suggest improvement actions and point to sources of practical guidance.

Who is it for?

Cyber Secure can be used by any school setting, including multi-academy trusts. Regardless of the size of your establishment, Cyber Secure offers support with strengthening your defences against cyber-attacks.

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